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Global Health Partners and the Saving Lives Campaign are launching an urgent drive to send scarce anesthesia machines and sutures to Havana’s main trauma surgery hospital. Please join us to rush these vital supplies to Cuba!

Havana’s leading trauma surgery center, the Calixto Garcia Hospital, has 23 operating rooms, but just two working anesthesia machines. The hospital’s dedicated medical staff needs to perform more than 50 lifesaving surgeries each day, but lacks the equipment to treat all these patients. “Imagine the anguish of having to wait for an operation that will save the life of your loved one,” says Dr. Guillermo Sanchez, the hospital’s Chief of Maxillofacial Surgery.

Under the U.S. embargo, Cuba can’t buy these vital machines and surgical supplies, so Global Health Partners and the Saving Lives Campaign are leading a broad-based drive to send them ourselves! We’re ready to build on our successful effort to deliver seven million Covid vaccination syringes and tons of PPE to Cuba!

Act now to show your solidarity with a country that has done so much for the health of its own people, and for struggling communities around the world.

Cuba’s international medical brigades have treated patients, trained medical staff and saved lives over the past 16 years in 53 countries, confronting natural disaster, serious epidemics such as the Ebola crisis in West Africa, and Covid-19.

With your support and solidarity, we now aim to supply Calixto Garcia with five anesthesia machines, desperately needed surgical equipment, and enough sutures for 9,000 surgeries. We are committed to raising $125,000 to give the Cuban people access to the urgent medical care they need. Please join our humanitarian drive today!

Please send your gift to Global Health Partners, which has a U.S. Commerce Department license to send medical supplies to Cuba. You can make an immediate donation online by clicking our DONATE! button here:

You can also send checks payable to Global Health Partners, with the memo Medical Supplies, at 39 Broadway, Suite 1540, New York, NY 10006.

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