Fighting Cervical Cancer in Latin America

GHP is jump-starting a partnership with Nicaragua’s Ministry of Health and the U.S.-based Global Coalition Against Cervical Cancer (GC3) to develop a national program  of cervical cancer prevention, screening and treatment. Nicaragua has an extremely high mortality rate from this preventable disease, a tragedy that does not exist in developed countries. There are approximately 750,000 women in Nicaragua currently in need of cervical cancer screening, with another 250,000 women who will require screening in the next five years. GHP and GC3 will provide cervical cancer specialists and experts to collaborate with and support Nicaragua’s Health Ministry.

Our goals include strategic planning and support for national expansion of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing-based screening; organizing training for diagnosis, management, and

treatment of women with precancerous cervical lesions; increasing the medical capacity for surgical and radiation treatment of invasive cervical cancer; and providing technical support to introduce HPV vaccination for primary disease prevention. We will also work to expand resources to provide psychological support to women with cervical cancer, and develop and implement strategies for overcoming barriers to women participating in and adhering to their cancer treatment.

Our project will focus on isolated, underserved populations, with educational campaigns and family counseling, while developing data systems for patient tracking, monitoring and evaluation. We are also exploring replicating this initiative in other Central and Latin American countries where cervical cancer remains a deadly threat.