I’m writing to alert you to Global Health Partners’ urgent drive to rush desperately needed coronavirus vaccination syringes to Cuba. We’ve come together many times to supply vital medicine and medical supplies to Cuban hospitals and community clinics, and now I’m asking you to join me in GHP’s most crucial effort ever: empowering Cuba to vaccinate its entire population.

Please stand with us now to show your solidarity with a country that has done so much for the health of its own people, and for struggling communities around the world.

Over the past year alone, Cuba has sent 3,700 health workers, in 52 international medical brigades, to 39 countries overwhelmed by the pandemic. Cuba’s international medical brigades have treated patients and saved lives for the past 15 years in 53 countries confronting natural disasters and serious epidemics, such as the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

GHP has already delivered more than $190 million worth of scarce medicines and medical supplies to Cuba, while building opposition to Washington’s cruel and immoral embargo. With this track record, and your solidarity, we’re ideally positioned to make this syringe campaign a success.

Cuba is poised for a decisive push to combat the deadly virus: it has developed five internationally recognized candidate COVID-19 vaccines, with two in Phase III clinical trials as of April 2021. Cuba has 11.3 million people, but plans to produce 100 million doses of vaccine, to meet its commitment to sharing its low-cost vaccines with poor countries in the developing world.

Your gift will directly change so many lives. Here’s how, together, we’ll have an immediate impact: With $1,000 we can send 28,571 syringes to Cuban hospitals; $360 will buy the syringes to vaccinate 10,265 people; and $150 will send 4,285 syringes to Cuba’s community clinics.

But your contribution of any size is urgently needed to stock our first shipment of syringes. Cuba has the vaccine it needs to protect its people from COVID-19, and a well-developed grassroots medical network to provide the shots. The only thing missing is the syringe supply to make it possible.

Please help put lifesaving vaccines into Cuban arms now with your generous, tax-deductible donation to our syringe campaign. Let’s match Cuba’s internationalism with our own friendship and compassion for the Cuban people!

With my deepest gratitude,

Edward Asner

Edward Asner